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Just like in any other industry there are many assocations in electronic industry is not much different when it comes to Associations. Here we have a list of assocations from around the world.

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Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
CEA is industry authority on market research and forecasts; consumer surveys; legislative and regulatory news; engineering standards; training resources and more.
Date Added:2007-12-11 (7)
Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA)
EPSA represents companies that understand what it means to compete. Since its inception in the early 1980s, the independent power industry--now more aptly termed the competitive power supply industry to include both generation and marketing.
Date Added:2007-12-19 (6)
National Association of Power Engineers (NAPE)
Since 1882 NAPE is dedicated to the Education of Power Engineers.
Date Added:2007-12-19 (6)
National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)
The NAED Education & Research Foundation provides information and training products that create the most effective channel to the market for distributors, manufacturers, and their customers.
Date Added:2007-12-19 (5)
Canadian Electricity Association (CEA)
The Association contributes to the regional, national and international success of its members through the delivery of quality value-added services. At the heart of CEA is a core of corporate utility member companies.
Date Added:2007-12-19 (5)
Computer Donations and Recycling Organization
Computer Dontation organization in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Canada
Date Added:2007-12-11 (5)
Free Mobile Phone Submit / Submit / Add your web site url
The phones vary in the specifications and technology implemented in them. The latest versions concentrate on the camera features and the connectivity related issues. When they are sleek and light weight in appearance, they are capable of attracting the attention of all classes of users.
Date Added:2008-09-09 (1)
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